Those Years When I Was a Dalao


One sentence summary:

Forced to become a dalao・I’m actually normal・Why do you all think I’m a dalao

Jiang Yiyi realises he has transmigrated into a survival video game named ‘Annals of Stargaol,’ also known as ‘The 108 Fancy Ways for Players Killing Themselves.’ It’s known for its high difficulty, lethality and overpowered NPCs.

If the game turns real, perhaps even surviving half an hour would be too much to ask?

Jiang Yiyi shudders. Between the player character and a random background character, he chooses the latter, only to find himself forced into a dalao role on a daily basis.

Tips for reading:

Absolute golden fingers (read: cheat abilities) everywhere. The protagonist is the most amazing from the beginning to the end.

Logic is maintained throughout as much as possible.

Plot-heavy. The romance is depicted late. Really late.

Entirely fictional, set in a futuristic world.

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