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Chu Yi Qiao, age 28, from a wealthy family, an ascetic president, noble and exquisite, everything about him is perfect but he is an Omega with a failed sense of smell. On his birthday, Chu Yi Qiao received a huge gift. Opening the gift, it was a teenager. The teenager was born very good-looking, with a bow tied around his neck, his face flushed and looked at Chu Yi Qiao. “Ge Ge, my name is Luo Qing Ye, from today onwards I’m your little Alpha la.” Chu Yi Qiao knew who sent it as soon as he thought about it, he had sent countless Alphas before just to test his sense of smell, but his sense of smell had long since gone out of whack. He decided to keep the little thing, it doesn’t matter if he can’t smell the Alpha anyway.

This little Alpha is young, likes to act coquettish, has a sweet mouth, and is also very capable. “Ge Ge, will you not want Xiao Ye?” “Ge Ge, Xiao Ye likes you so much ya.” He watched as the little Alpha grew day by day, getting taller and taller, and in the end, he couldn’t hold him in his arms anymore. It became him getting hugged.

The wretched little Alpha was brought home at the age of 18, equipped with top-notch clothes, food, house and transportation, and was groomed as the future heir. 6 years later, the little Alpha took over the Galaxy Group to become the highest executive, all thanks to Chu Yi Qiao. He stepped into Chu Yi Qiao’s room, saw that the person was still sleeping, pulled off his tie, and said in a hoarse voice: “Ge, is the baby messing with you again?”

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Younger Gong, mutual pampering, ABO, innocent and pure!!!

Paranoid and scheming alpha puppy Gong x gentle and powerful omega President

Character settings is as big as the sky, whatever you say is right

【Pheromone】Oolong Osmanthus Honey x Cherry Brandy

Calling ‘Ge Ge’ is a nickname, and there is no blood relationship between Gong and Shou.

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