This Damned Sweetness

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spoiled small princess x black-bellied pseudo gentleman

A sweet beginning— Xu Qiao was working night duty at a tollbooth. In the early morning, she dozed off until she was like a chick pecking at rice and was woken up by a gold galore, gentlemanly car owner: “Seeing you sleep so soundly, I can’t bear to disturb you, but I’m really in a hurry to get through. Ah, sorry for the trouble.”

Xu Qiao’s heart was stirred in a flash and she worked the night shift everyday from that point on.

A week later, with dark circles under her eyes, she complained to her girlfriends in a bar: “We’ve already met up in the middle of the night so many times, why hasn’t he even asked for my number yet?”

Just when her voice fell, she overheard a conversation from behind: “For a little girl, I go on late night drives instead of sleeping. I’m so tired my eyelids are coming to blows.”

“What are you acting a gentleman for? Just directly go up and ask for the phone number.”

“Don’t you feel she’s too pure to put your hands on?”

Xu Qiao unhurriedly turned around and cleared her throat: “Sorry to bother you, but in fact she might not be as pure as you believe.”


After the sweetness—

Xu Qiao: My golden rule when dating; if we fight, I will absolutely never give in.

Cheng Lang: My golden rule when dating; if we break up, we will absolutely never get back together.

Several days after a cold war.

Xu Qiao: Hubby, I want a hug.

Cheng Lang: Little brat, come home with me.

“Oh this damned sweetness, it’s the crime of my mouth.”

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