This Character is Suspected of Cheating! [Unlimited Flow]

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Blue Star Player No. 2333, He Yu, is a frail young man with pale skin, and a slender figure covered in a sense of fragility. When he stumbled into the most grandiose top-tier talent show in the universe held once every ten years, he looked lost and bewildered.

The audience burst into laughter: “Did he get lost and end up here by mistake?”

In this competition, combat power is the judging criterion, and those with a power level below 100 are collectively referred to as “weaklings”. He Yu’s combat power is only 2. Even the little children in the universe’s kindergarten can score 20 points on the test which shows how weak He Yu’s score is.

The audience asserted that He Yu wouldn’t survive the first day. They claimed that he, like the other Blue Star players, would only be cruelly killed in this deadly game.

They waited and waited, only to see He Yu, who was like a bug in the game, show off with each passing wave.

In the instance of ‘Dawn Training School,’ countless players followed He Yu in, ready to kill him. However, after three hours, He Yu became an unkillable NPC teacher.

He Yu: Surprised? Unexpected? Aren’t you amazed?

In the instance “Who is Undercover,” the contestants this time were not planning to kill He Yu. They joined forces under He Yu’s leadership and made it to the final level, just one step away from winning the game only to be betrayed by He Yu at the last moment.

He Yu then revealed himself as the undercover agent and said, “I’ve exposed myself, you’re all done for.”

In the instance “Nationwide Love” …

One after another, the plot twists and turns, and until the very last moment, no one knows what kind of reversal He Yu, who has 180 tricks up his sleeve, will bring!

He may be sickly and weak, but he is invincible!

The audience exclaimed, “He God, please stop and analyse it for us. What have you done this time?!”

CP: The heartbroken and charismatic bking shou who is loved by thousands & the big boss attack who only listens to orders from He Yu.

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