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Jiang Bai came from time travel.

He used to be an eagle dog of the imperial court, but he was sent to be an undercover agent next to the leader of the martial arts alliance.

Because of his superb acting skills, he was promoted all the way, and finally became the adoptive son of the target person, responsible for all shady activities, but in the end he was betrayed by the traitor and died in the foster father’s golden basin handwashing meeting.

Once time travels to a group performer with the same name.

On this day, Jiang Bai, who was a group performer, was invited by his sister who was a kindergarten teacher to act as a trafficker. Because her acting skills were too realistic, she abducted half of the kindergarten children and two female teachers on the spot.

A few months later, Jiang Bai was invited to play the “thug” again in the kindergarten’s safety drill.

That day, Jiang Bai ran from the kindergarten gate to the back kitchen with a long balloon in his hand without blinking his eyes.

More than 300 children, 26 teachers and five security guards were all “killed”, and even three of the cooking aunts in the back kitchen were lost.

In the end, Jiang Bai, who was “red-eyed”, didn’t even let the photographer go.

This scene happened to be seen by a crew member who watched the exercise: “This is the real actor. It happens that there is a shortage of people in our crew, so you are the only one! ”

After that, Jiang Bai embarked on a road of no return to play the villain.


In the end, Jiang Bai finally won the Best Actor trophy one after another with his superb acting skills, and the audience couldn’t stand it anymore: “This kid really doesn’t look like a good person, I suggest strict investigation. ”

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