There is a world of cultivating immortals in my box

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Jiang Xuan found a strange box under the bed.

Inside is a small miniature world with mountains, rivers, flowers, trees, pavilions, and two groups of little people wearing different clothes fighting.

What surprised him even more was that these villains could fly with swords, spit water and fire, and claimed to be some kind of immortal cultivators.

He put a small bottle of Nongfu Sanquan mineral water into it, and it turned into a spiritual liquid of astonishing value;

He put a piece of jade into it, and it turned into a mountain of spiritual stone;

He recited the “Tao Te Ching” to the little people inside, and it actually caused the whole world to shake, visions appeared, and the three thousand avenues kept vibrating!

Hybrid rice has become a spiritual rice with astonishing yields per acre;

Titanium alloy turned into indestructible magic iron;

Ordinary ginseng has become the king of medicine that has never been seen in thousands of years;

“The Eighth Radio Gymnastics” has become the top body-building technique…

Looking at the group of little people worshiping him in the box, Jiang Xuan suddenly thought, if he took out the things in the world of the little people, would things become different?

So he tried to practice the simplest fire control technique in the world of villains.

A quarter of an hour later, Jiang Xuan looked at the fireball radiating hot temperature in his palm and fell into deep thought.


“There is a supreme being above the nine heavens. ”

“He said let there be light, and there was light in the world. ”

“His name cannot be heard, thought, or recited. He gives us everything. He stands at the end of the road. He is eternal. He looks down on all living beings in heaven and earth with mercy. ”

“We respect him as Dao Ancestor. ”

——”China Continent·The Ancestor of Taoism”

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