The World Below Surface


Lu Yan lives in the most horrific and absurd world.

People here live in harmony and contentment and were oblivious of all paranormal occurrences.

People here were sacrificed to the living, and the children were eaten like lychees—first the skin was peeled off, then the soft flesh was nibbled into.

The world had gone mad.

The only individuals who were normal like him come from the outside world and call themselves players.

And in his struggle to live and learn the reality of this world, he can only rely on these people.

Player A: In the world I recently visited, I met an NPC. He was completely different from other psychotic NPCs in that he was so innocent and humble.

Player B: Yeah, yeah, me too. He helped me a lot. I feel like he’s more intelligent than the captain, but unfortunately, it’s an NPC.

Player C, who was screwed by the innocent and humble NPC, died and now came back as a living dead, cast a sympathetic glance: …… hehe. You mean Lu Yan, right? Good luck to you guys.

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