The wife of a powerful minister?Don’t worry, I’ll take back my destiny first

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Ye Xi, the author of the online article, traveled through the book he wrote and became the most vicious female supporting character who broke the legs of powerful ministers.

Being fed poison and manipulated by powerful officials? Don’t panic, she has a mall system and the antidote is just around the corner.

The family is surrounded by walls and can’t uncover the pot? It’s okay, she has the good luck stones she got from the mall, so getting rich is not a problem.

A scumbag who cheats money and sex? She let the scumbag steal the chicken but lose the rice.

Gradually, Ye Xi felt something was wrong: the jade pendant of the heroine in the original book was taken from her. The token of the male protagonist in the original book belongs to the powerful minister. Not only did the mall’s antidote fail to detoxify her, she was poisoned instead!

Ye Xi went back through the book and found that the truth was completely different from what she wrote: the male and female protagonists in the book actually stole the life of the original owner and the powerful minister!

what to do? Ye Xi is not in a hurry.

She leisurely activated all the hidden skills, raised children and farmed, and helped her husband to advance step by step. As long as she is here, no one can take away what belongs to their family.

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