The whole internet begged the girl to usurp the throne

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On the wedding day of her lover’s wedding to another man, the daughter of the Shen family was knocked to death on the sedan chair. After she came back from the dead, her temperament changed drastically and she went crazy.

Shen Yinluo greeted the air with a smile and said to himself: “Family members, please pay attention to not getting lost and increase your popularity. Thank you Mr. Wang Shicong for the rocket. I love you~”

A live broadcast room called “Immersive Ancient Daily Life” has become popular on the Internet. The host looks like an ancient costume and broadcasts 24 hours a day. The food, drink, housing and transportation are all based on the ancient times. Various details are restored and there are a lot of passers-by. NPC cooperation, huge investment in scenes and manpower!

The live broadcast content is not only about daily life, but also includes tearing up scumbags, fighting for white lotus green tea, and wandering around the world to seek court. The immersive effect and excitement, the costume drama that is now being touted as a god, it is so weak before watching it, right? !

Just when the whole nation was agitated and flattering, a history teacher wrote a [-]-word tirade against the anchor behind him, mindlessly tampering with historical figures, and the content of the script misled the public…

As soon as this started, students in the field of archeology immediately came forward and criticized the live broadcast room for copying and using rare cultural relics on a large scale. They also pointed out that the Heng Dynasty could not produce Biguang porcelain at all…

Shen Yinlong only noticed that he had received several private messages in the background from academicians and deans of scientific research in the post-modern national academy of antiquity…

Pre-reading reminder: It’s a myth, it’s not a historical drama, don’t pay attention to the details.

The heroine is not a saint, she has her own shortcomings in human nature, don’t criticize her from a high point.

Don’t engage in brainless female competition, villains should use more brains

Official matches are not determined by the order of appearance

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