The Villain’s Love


“Please don’t leave me.”

After his family is slaughtered and his country is laid to ruins, Luciano, the prince of a grieved nation turns into a demon of vengeance. After all the evil deeds he commits, he finally faces the queen of the enemy country, Alana. Rather than begging for life, on the contrary, she pleads for her own death. Luciano, who has been stripped of his pleasure, forcibly embraces Alana and tries to make her suffer. However, as they spend more time together, his hatred turns into obsession and he begins to desire a future with her …. choosing to keep her alive for revenge. With that excuse, Luciano indulges in Alana, yet she still desires for an end…

The Prince of vengeance x the Queen who wishes for death, what is the future of the two trapped in their terrifying past?

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