The Villain’s Host is a Boss


In order to regain her Tao Heart, Yun Xi travels through the three thousand worlds. In every world, there is a tragic cannon fodder that needs her to counterattack.

System: Host, this is a modern world, and your identity is a tragic daughter whose family was destroyed by her boyfriend!

Yun Xi: …

So, the miserable daughter becomes a domineering female president!

System: Host, this is an ancient world, and you are an unlucky princess who was betrayed by her husband.

Yun Xi: …

So, the unfortunate princess the resolute becomes Queen of the country!

System: Host, this an apocalyptic world, and your identity is the poor cannon fodder whose crystal nucleus was dug out by the heroine!

Yun Xi: …

So, the poor cannon fodder becomes the queen who unified the world after the apocalypse with a little white face next to her. Hey, isn’t this little white face a little familiar?

System: For other system’s hosts, they will be spoiled by the big bosses in every world, but my host has to be big boss in every world, who only spoils her little white face…

[1V1/Strong Female Protagonist/Sweet Pets/Scumbags/Counterattacks]

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