The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth

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Ji Ling transmigrated into the world of a book and has become an 18-year-old aristocrat of the same name in the Interstellar Empire. In order to get another chance at life, he must play his role perfectly, love the Imperial Emperor without second thoughts, and act as an obstacle to the shou. He has to use his own sinister schemes to bring out the shou’s noble perfection.

He worked hard to play his character…

Towards the main lead, Imperial Emperor, love without second thoughts and sacrifice his life for him.

Towards villain number 1, Duke, repay evil with good and get his cooperation in dealing with the main shou.

Towards villain number 2, Marshal, sacrifice himself to help both of them and get his cooperation in dealing with the main shou.

Towards villain number 3, Speaker of the House, give heart and soul to help each other to get his cooperation in dealing with the main shou.

In order to deal with the main character, he used all available resources and gathered all available forces. Every time when the main shou was forced into a wall, he’d “fall short one step” and let himself be mercilessly slapped in the face. In the end, he was turned into a “victim of his own schemes”, becoming the scapegoat of the shou and dying to save the male lead.

Just when he thought he could finally leave and enjoy a good life…

The system said: The world collapsed after you died. Now sending you back to the initial point when you first transmigrated. Please do the mission again. Friendly reminder ~ both male and female villains have been reborn, please work hard and continue your efforts. The plot must be brought back on track. I have high hopes for you!

Ji Ling had to do the mission one more time, just that …

Villain Duke: How could anyone not love such a cute little thing, hiding his soft heart under a pretentious facade?

Villain Marshal: He is not as arrogant and domineering as he looks. In fact, his heart is brighter and kinder than anyone else.

Villain Speaker of the House: You are my faith, my everything. I am forever willing to stand by your feet and clear your obstacles.

Ji Ling: You all shouldn’t love me. I love His Highness. I will always only love him alone!

Male Emperor: What a coincidence, I love you too.

Ji Ling: … I have a sentence ****, and I must say it now.

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