The Villainess who Travelled Back in Time Cannot Live Without you!


Ella, who had been chosen as a candidate for Princess Consort for possessing great magic powers, was later deprived of that position after a saintess made her appearance. Some time after, she was imprisoned for committing a villainous act against the saintess. Driven by jealousy and hatred, her powers spiralled out of control; as a result, the royal capital was on the verge of destruction. Eventually, the wicked woman met her end by the crown prince’s sword.

However, when Ella woke up, she realised that she had returned to the past. Her once immense magic powers were almost gone, and she could barely breathe. For some reason, the only person who could replenish her powers was none other than the crown prince himself, who was also Ella’s fiance?!

•••If you keep on giving me magic powers this way, my body won’t be able to take it anymore!

…It appears I cannot live without you.

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