The Villainess Is Now a Single Mother


Esther, who was born with recollections of her previous life as a Japanese woman, is unaware that she has been reborn in the world of an Otome game.

Esther is a so-called villainess, but she becomes the Crown Prince’s fiancée without knowing anything, and her engagement is terminated and she is banished at the Magic Academy’s graduation ceremony.

Esther, on the other hand, is overjoyed that the unfortunate crown prince has called off their engagement. She would work as hard as she had in her previous life and live a normal life as a commoner from now on.

However, the benefactor who saved Esther from deportation, dies soon after the birth of her newborn twin daughters.

Esther adopts the twins and works hard to raise them, but then a young man who appears to be a nobleman appears at her tavern.

The wheels of her fate began to turn from that point forward.

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