The Villain Boss Is Pregnant With My Egg

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One-sentence summary: The big shot first imp**gnates, then falls in love with me.

Lin Yu X Yan Zihan

Lin Yu entered a book.

The ultimate villain in the book, Yan Zihan, is an unrelenting and fearsome character who shows no mercy when it comes to taking lives. He is a notorious lunatic who instills terror in the hearts of all.

His biggest secret is that he is, in fact, a hermaphrodite.

In order to humiliate him, his enemies found a foolish male insect and deliberately sent it to him.

And then Yan Zihan shot the male insect dead.

Lin Yu, who had transformed into a male insect: “…”

Lin Yu, looking at the handsome man in front of him, who had already drawn his firearm, gritted his teeth and kissed him.

Yan Zihan froze for a moment, and then his face gradually flushed with redness.

Two months later, at a banquet.

“What? That male insect is still alive??”

“This is impossible; how did he manage to survive??”

“Yan Zihan actually allowed him to sit beside him?!”

A concerned informant whispered, “Can you not smell it? Yan Zihan is covered in the scent of that male insect.”

“Someone said that the pheromones of that male insect were so enticing, and then Yan Zihan just threw him off the spaceship…”


Lin Yu, for the 108th time, was cornered by a stranger confessing their feelings, causing him to break out in a sweat from anxiety.

“Brother, stay away from me! Let me tell you, Yan Zihan is about to give birth, and his temper has been really bad lately!”

The person’s expression cracked: “Who is about to give birth? Yan Zihan is about to… what??”

Lin Yu saw Yan Zihan approaching and hurriedly rushed over. “Darling, I really did not look at him! You are the only one in my heart! I even wore two layers of pants today and did not take off my scarf. I am extremely faithful to you, I swear!”

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