The Venerable Monster Tamer


In this magical world, people brought holding bags, raising monster beasts, controlling monster weapons, nurturing monster plants, and taking pride in climbing to the ultimate rank of monster tamers.

Red Owl, Black Crane, Ink Unicorn, Bloody Night Bat, Heavenly Fox, Green Pheasant, Phoenix, … countless monsters spread across heaven and earth, lived in mountains and rivers, waiting for you to conquer.

Drunk Snow Blade, Sunflower Needle, Compliant Staff … countless monster weapons were waiting for you to control.

Thunder Vine, Ginseng Fruit, Peach Tree … countless monster plants were waiting for you to nurture.

Chu Yun was an Explorer. He has discovered a secret, but died an unwilling death. Opening his eyes again, he found that he was returned to 23 years ago.

It all started again, and he was determined to make up for all his regrets, chase his dreams, and embark on a different path of becoming mighty.

The lovely Heavenly Fox loli, the beautiful Lamia woman, the pure Lotus Fairy, the innocent Rabbit Demon girl, the sexy Scorpion sister … one by one was added to the harem.

The Star Sea Dragon Palace, the Abyss of the Sea’s Eye, the Tomb of Ghost King … many Legendary Places were hidden, waiting to be excavated.

The world’s trend was constantly changing, many heroes appeared … he would witness them one by one, then overcome them one by one!

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