The Ugly Wife of the Shady Duke


She had possessed ‘Grace’, an ugly Duchess who never appeared directly in the novel.

The problem is that this role was scheduled to die soon, and her husband Benjamin was a likely suspect.

Grace wanted to live properly at least once.

To do that, there was something she had to solve.

“Let’s get a divorce.”

Benjamin, who was a sub-male lead in the original work, loved the protagonist, Aria, not his wife.

It was probably because of Aria that he killed Grace.

“I know that Your Highness doesn’t love me. I also know that you married me for the sake of the family.”

Grace thought he would be happy with the divorce proposal.

“My lady, why are you saying that?”

“Your Highness?”

“What did I do wrong? Did I make a mistake in serving my lady?”

However, tears fell from Benjamin’s eyes.

“My lady, if there is anything you want, I will do it. So please don’t leave my side.”

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