The tsundere senior is cute and soft, we are in love

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[Good horses don’t turn around + single female protagonist + daily sweet articles + no system and no golden fingers + easy healing + long-lasting water]

[Let’s take a look: If you don’t get it for free right away! Go both ways! It’s not about sitting back and enjoying the cool stories! 】

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“Xie Xiao, you can’t be nice to me for three years and let me get used to you and then don’t want me, then what are these three years between us? ” Zhou Mianmian looked at Xie Xiao with tears in her eyes and a pitiful face.

“Think of me as unlucky. ” Xie Xiao glanced at her lightly.

“Are you angry that I didn’t agree to be with you? ” Zhou Mianmian reached out to grab his hand, her tone pleading, “Then let’s be together now, okay? ”

“You deserve better, not the best like me. ” Xie Xiao avoided her hand and took the beautiful girl next to him, “Daughter-in-law, let’s go. ”

Now that I’m back again, I can do this to anyone who likes it.

Xie Xiao just wants to live a sweet life holding the treasured tsundere girl he has missed for many years~

In his previous life, Xie Xiao was blind and couldn’t tell the difference between green tea and treasure.

While trying to buy milk for green tea, he was hit by a car and paralyzed in bed for three years.

As a result, Green Tea turned around and joined the other licking dogs.

Instead, there was a tsundere and cute girl beside him…

Until she died unexpectedly…

Xie Xiao closed his eyes in despair…

If only time could turn back…

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