The top-ranking dad and his cubs both became popular

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A national style dance, an original song, Gu Lin won the championship and became the top performer.

He never plays roles that have emotional scenes with actresses, and he is keen on all kinds of big villains, such as demon kings, nine-tailed foxes, demon gods, vampires, fairy kings…

After filming a supernatural movie, he has a strange ability to see abnormal things, which seriously affects his life.

Fortunately, I accepted a parent-child variety show and was cured by the amateur daughter.

The gate of reincarnation was damaged and needed to be repaired. Six-year-old Hua Lingling was chosen.

“Mission: Rescue the villain who is about to be blackened, and prevent the reincarnation gate from collapsing. ”

“Little Lingling, the target person has appeared, your father. ”

Hua Lingling saw what would happen in the next two years:

“Happy Time with Dad”, because this show was not filmed well, many people hated them: the daughter is not cute, the father has no fatherly love, I hate this group the most…

More black material was picked up…

Extreme fans think that the male god’s Waterloo is because of the broom star Lingling, who killed Lingling!

Dad blamed himself, blackened…

He developed an antisocial personality, which caused the door of reincarnation to shatter.

Hua Lingling clenched her fists and swore: “I want the fans to like me and accept me, and don’t do anything that hurts my father and me! I will definitely behave myself! ”

In order to understand the repair status of the gate of reincarnation in real time, the underworld opened a live broadcast room…

Draw the [Unemployed Family] card, the daughter picks up trash to support her father!

The [Family with a Small Stall] card was drawn, and my daughter yelled hard!

Zai Zai: “I will work hard to earn money to support my father! ”

The audience in the live broadcast room: Lied to me to have a daughter again! Aww!

Chasing stars is even more crazy, and all the tricky fans raised hundreds of billions of coins, just to make her a list!

Xingui looked dazed, her song was playing in the underworld, and all the ghosts were chasing her new play…

#Alive chasing star, dead to continue chasing! #

Key words of the novel: The top-ranking daddy brings his cubs to the show and then both go viral without pop-up window, The top-ranking daddy takes the cubs to the show and then both go viral Red latest chapter to read.

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