The Top 100 Young Lady

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In the same one universe, there’s 100 possesed young ladies.

All the thoughts of the possessed heroines are textualized and ranked….

That’s how the ranking competition started…! What?!!

[I’m tired as hell in this life, but what kind of medieval competition is this?]

It’s a chance to be a Possessor, so of course we should enjoy this world!


The royal ball was very fancy. Especially with the visuals of the male leads.

“I like the light green long-haired Duke over there.”

“Is he the Male Lead too? You should be able to grasp the information only by brushing his collar.”

“Hmph, the knight at the entrance. Blond hair with blue eyes … ah, he’s my taste.”

“He’s physically insane, look at the fit of that uniform.”

Inspecting the unicorn farm (?) together.


[The Primadonna Young Lady’s concert is tomorrow, right?]

[Let’s make a lightstick! Isn’t there a magic stone mine owner here?]

[Me! There are 5 magic crystal mines in our Duchy.]

[Bring me some of those, and I’ll use my magic to make luminous lightsticks].

The Medieval K-Fangirls connecting with each other, we going to sell a bunch of merchandise to these young ladies….


“It’s a big deal. I couldn’t fill that portion.”

“Hey, why?”

When the Innocent Female Lead cried, the young ladies all listened closely.

“That’s… I haven’t been out for a week, so I’m thinking…”.”

“Huh? Thinking is also included in the amount. I think you’ll fill 10,000 words just by looking out the window and describing it.”

Then, the Innocent Young Lady rolled her eyes with a more embarrassed face.

“I have one day left, so what should I do?”

“Everyone, let’s help!”

100 possessed Heroines joining forces for each other’s happy ending!

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