The Supporting Character Miss Tang Is the True Bigshot!

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Tang Shu has transmigrated and became a cannon fodder female supporting character in a novel! And on the first day, she was almost sexually assaulted by a pig-faced director! “No one will come to save you even if you scream yourself hoarse today. It’s better if you are good and do as I say. I promise I’ll be gentle, and I’ll also give your sister the leading role. ”Tang Shu scratched her ears with a puzzled look, thinking she had misheard. “What did you say? ”She was the one getting assaulted, yet the leading role would be given to her sister? “Stop pretending. We don’t have much time, so it’s better to hurry up. ”Looking at the 200-pound fat man coming towards her, Tang Shu twisted his wrist and wails burst out from within the hotel suite. The pig-looking director collapsed to the ground, looking like a lump of meat. But the matter was far from over. Tang Shu called in the culprit to let her experience what she just had. However, when the young one came, so did the older one. Just as Tang Shu was happily teaching them both a lesson, the original owner’s brother came along. Tang Shu thought he would reprimand her, and she already had the words on the tip of her tongue to fight back. But then…“Sister, do you prefer this pink gemstone necklace, or this sapphire necklace? ”Tang Shu: “This doting manner of his can’t be a trap, right? ” As she held her guard up against her brother, she saw the original owner’s poor fiance who picked up rubbish for a living. His waist was thin, and he had long legs and a pretty face. Every inch of him ticked all the boxes in Tang Shu’s book. She walked over to him, flung out her credit card, and said, “Hey, handsome! I’ll take care of you!

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