The Strongest Little Devil: Master, Come to Fight!


She was a demon born only three years after her mother’s pregnancy. The birth of the heavenly vision, all the beasts together, and the blessings of the Immortal Venerable and she was the geniuses that everyone expects! She is cute, milk, cool and provocative, spoiled and invincible, and is a mixed ancestor who even dare to ridicule Immortal Venerable. Not alchemy? She has the elder brother of alchemy genius! Don’t know how to refine? She has the second elder brother of the refining genius! Who dares to bully her? Domineering dad, gentle mother, and all the older brothers together! A small ancestor: Little brother, you look good! When I grow up, I must marry you! Xianzun: …… A little ancestor: It is difficult to break down the void and cultivation to rise? Come, dad, mother, elder brother, second brother, we go to break that void to play! !

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