The Story of Gothic Lady Who Met a Grave Keeper in Another World


Himeno Eri was a 28 years old woman who was familiar with historical clothing due to her growing love for Gothic Fashion.

On her trip to Germany, she got lost in another world at the goth festival she participated in.

She mistook a muscular grave keeper that she met as a festival participant. Letting her guard down, the place he brought her was an eerie graveyard…

On the other hand, Toden, the Grave keeper, had mistaken the lady in a pretty dress who suddenly appeared in front of him as a noble daughter. He swore absolute obedience and served her from his heart, yet Eri was completely oblivious to it.

The two, who couldn’t communicate at all, seek help from Scutt, the High Librarian who could speak all languages. But instead, Eri was told “You are in another world, and the s*ave of Toden.”

With the help of a grave keeper who never broke his obedience to Eri and a librarian who was always taking care of her, she began her life in another world where she didn’t know whether it was in easy mode or hard mode.

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