The step-brother is charming and soft, and the Marquis can’t help but flirt with her

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[Marriage first, love later + medical skills] [Sunny sweetheart x paranoid and gloomy powerful minister]

After traveling through time and entering the bridal chamber, the husband was unconscious and the scumbag lay beside him.

Shen Lansui, who was stabbed in the body, said: “Wonderful. ”

I’ve seen the hell difficulty start, but I’ve never seen it start directly in hell.


After she died in the apocalypse and opened her eyes again, Shen Lan passed away and became the step-brother of Lu Xingyue, the king of hell who defeated his wife. Everyone said that she was not going to die soon.

Some even placed bets that she would not survive a month.

Shen Lansui smiled: “Don’t worry, I will definitely live until the grass on your grave is three feet high. ”

Now that she has come, let her live in peace. She not only wants to live a long life, she also wants to live a bright and brilliant life.

A wealthy businessman, a miraculous doctor, with a royal title, the people worshiped her like a god.

Get rich, cure diseases, change clouds and rain, the emperor invites you to be a guest.

Some people also cursed her for being so popular that her husband would leave her sooner or later.

Unexpectedly, the next day news came out that the cold-faced King of Hell was prostrating before the Buddha.

Lu Xingyue bowed his head devoutly in the morning light: “I pay my respects to Chen again and make three wishes: first, I wish that my wife will live a thousand years; second, I wish that my body will always be healthy; third, I wish that we will be like the swallows on the beam, and we will see each other year after year. ”

Note: The male protagonist has an ex-wife but they are both clean. Please see the article for the specific reasons.

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