The soul penetrates the little paste bean, and the title becomes top-notch

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[Science master + entertainment circle + cultivation system + Su Shuang sweet abuse]

【No male protagonist! No male protagonist! No male protagonist! No male protagonist! (Of course there is interaction with the male character) ]

[The protagonist is silly in the early stage, but will grow up in the later stage]

Lin Fei, the top student in the Physics Department of Tsinghua University, is an idol in a small company.

Class teacher: Now that I have passed the college entrance examination, can I focus on studying? You dragged down the entire class!

Results: Do you think you are ranked first in the school in first-class exams?

The head teacher of the top class: I will hold the students you don’t want in the palm of my hand!

Hengxing Entertainment: Participate in another talent show and become a twice-cooked pork!

Lin Fei: Okay, okay, bring the book and go to the talent show to answer questions!

She failed in the draft and wanted to be eliminated early, but she didn’t expect that she would become a top player because she was too different!

agency: ? ?

director: ? ?

opponent: ? ?

Subject performance has skyrocketed, and physics competitions have become international gods.

The entertainment industry exploded.

[Why does Lin Fei only have so many fans? Are the remaining people without internet access at home? 】

[Oh my god, I love you so much, Sister Xueba. 】

[Family members, who understands? Can your idol wear the national flag and win first place in an international physics competition? 】

[How can there be people in this world who are beautiful, talented, and proficient in everything from acting to singing and dancing? The light of domestic products! Interior entertainment ceiling! 】

Keywords of the novel: The soul wears the little paste bean, and the questions become the top stream without pop-up windows; The soul wears the little paste beans, the questions become the top stream.

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