The sickly girl became famous when she went to sex with a baby girl, and the actor’s ex-boyfriend as

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[Baby Variety Live Broadcast + Reverse Baby Care + Sweet Seduction + Reunion + HE] Photos of his son were exposed, and he became famous on the Internet because he resembles the face of a top actor. Xia Zhi was invited to take Zaizai to participate in the baby competition. While the other female guests were trying their best to take good care of their children in front of the camera, Xia Zhige lay down and taught her son with a spatula in his hand: “Ranbao, you are already a five-year-old child. You have to take the initiative. ” Take on the burden of life and take good care of mom, you know? ” The little guy flipped the spoon skillfully and looked at his own mother dotingly: “Mom, let’s have five dishes and one soup for dinner. ” Who would have thought that the actor who had been separated for five years would The ex-boyfriend unexpectedly gave birth to a baby girl, and the three of them started a family. The whole day, the whole family was in tit-for-tat, vying to sleep with her. The little guy’s eyes were cold, as if he was going to bite someone in the next second: “Why do you sleep with your mother? ” Fu Jinye sneered: “I am your father, and you were not as old as Sesame when I was with your mother. ” Xia Zhi Speechlessly, he drove the two of them out of the room and said angrily: “You two sleep together tonight! ” – Everyone said that the best actor Fu Jinye was ascetic, reserved, distant, and an unattainable flower on a high mountain. Only Xia Zhi knew that this man was a madman. Xia Zhi was furious: “Fu Jinye! We have broken up! ” Fu Jinye leaned forward and pressed her lips against hers, “Baby, be good, don’t say anything that makes me sad, otherwise I can’t guarantee what I will do to you. ”

Keywords of the novel: The drama about having sex with a sickly spoiled child has become a hit, the actor’s ex-boyfriend asked me to get a license without pop-up window, the movie about having sex with a sickly spoiled child has become a hit, the movie king’s ex-boyfriend asked me to get a certificate from him The Zai Shang Wa variety show became a hit, and the actor’s ex-boyfriend asked me to get my certificate. Read the latest chapter.

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