The sect of longevity, my disciples are all children of luck

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As soon as Qin Ming opened his eyes, he realized that he had become the head of Tianxuanzong.

At this time, just as the elders of the sect disappeared, the spirit stone veins were exhausted.

Tianxuanzong had external worries and internal troubles, and his disciples were panicked.

Everyone in the world said that if there is no way to rescue, Tianxuanzong will perish in the generation of Qin and Ming.

At this time, the system of the richest man of gods and demons in the world is activated.

Sign in a large number of spirit stones at the beginning of the game, and summon the innate gods and demons to sit on the land of the sect.

When Qin Ming wanted to vigorously develop the sect, he found that his disciples seemed a little strange…

The big disciple has his hands behind his back, proud of himself, and always turns his back to sentient beings…

The second disciple is dismissive of everything, and seems to have a memory far beyond his age…

The three disciples are mediocre, but there is nothing that can stump each other…

The four disciples are obsessed with research, and the entire sect is often blown up by the things they research… Similarly, the various artifacts and medicines of Tianxuanzong are also because the research of the four disciples is far ahead of the times…

The five disciples have never been out of the dungeon, but no one is not afraid of this name, because to them, this suzerain disciple who has been in the dungeon all year round is a demon…

The sixth disciple is so mysterious that almost no one has seen it…

As soon as the seventh disciple entered the sect, he was in retreat. After he came out, he found out how this weak sect of his own had dominated the mainland…

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