The Sect Master was Switched at Birth

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After inheriting the Xuandu Temple, Chu Yue descended from the mountain to look for the sect’s disciples. An upper class couple suddenly came up to her, claiming that she was their long-lost daughter, and that she had a childhood engagement.

However, her brand new fiancé despised her, “You’re not even worthy of being compared to Tongtong!”

Chu Tong acted pitiful: “Little sister, it’s all my fault…”

Her parents and the rest of the world: “Tongtong is also a victim, be more forgiving.”

Disciple 1, the handsome billionaire Ning Ke: “What made you think you’re a match for our Sect Master?”

Disciple 2, the famous actress, who happens to be a seductive fox demon, Jiu Zhao: “You’re just a cuckoo pretending to be a phoenix.”

Disciple 3, the cold and merciless leader of the Supernatural Affairs Office, Xue Dongyang: “Disrespecting our Sect Master? Take them down.”

Oh, so that’s where all the disciples were.

In the day, Chu Yue tells fortunes, fixes feng shui and exorcises malicious spirits. At night, she helps ghosts come to terms with their ghastly fates. Her life since leaving the mountain is so fulfilling that she has already forgotten about her ‘real’ family. By the time she remembered to check on them, the Chu family had already fallen.

Chu Yue’s fans: “Sect Master, you don’t have to bother with low-lifes like them, just focus on your career! We’ll handle the rest!”

The downfall of the world, a black-haired demon god clad in red, holds Chu Yue’s hand bashfully, “Please take it easy on me, Sect Master.”

Chu Yue: “…no thank you, is it too late to return to the mountain?”

Strong angelic-looking Sect Master with a black yet soft heart X Demonic-looking but innocent and shy Demon God

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