The rookie at Super Seminary wants to retire every day

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Accidentally traveled to the world of super gods. As an ordinary person with no special skills and only one golden finger to be developed, Shen Yang discovered after decades of hard work under Hua Que that not only was there no reward for hard work, but he would also be criticized, and he could not retire.

Shen Xian: ? Open up!

However, Shen Xang’s failure did not affect the Angel King’s attention to him, no matter who he was.

The self from Shen Xang’s perspective: a weak, pitiful and helpless working angel, an illiterate person who can’t do anything, has nothing to eat, and prays for retirement every day.

The king of each force:

Hua Ye threatened: I have supported you like a believer for hundreds of years, allowing you to rest 90% of the time, and I have to accept your mental disorders from time to time. Who else but me can be so tolerant of you? Shen Xing, if you don’t know how to be grateful, get back here!

Shen Xian raised his middle finger: I have a use for moral kidnapping, but you damn well win! I sealed my wings back then, but now I blame you for not running away. Can I, Takuma, run away?

The Queen of Angels is sincere: You have the right to freely choose your position and affiliation, but out of selfishness, I hope that you can have my place in the future.

Shen Xian smiled: That’s nice to say. If you have the ability, you can approve my retirement application. No review system can approve it for tens of thousands of years!

Morgana lures: No one understands freedom better than the devil. Justice will bind your hands and feet, but corruption will not. Shen Xiang, do you really not want to experience the taste of freedom firsthand?

Shen Xi decisively: I don’t want to.

Morgana: I don’t believe it, you lied to me.

Shen Xian: ?

… …

Please choose your king:

Shen Xang went crazy: Choose wool, I want to retire! Retire! !

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