The Road of the Counterattack by the Fake Heiress

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The day before being married to a man 20 years older, Mo Yu finally found out that she was actually a cannon fodder supporting character in a male stallion novel[efn_note]One way to describe this genre is where the male protagonist will “conquer the world and get a harem by the way”. (The female protagonist version of this genre is “Conquer a man and conquer the world by the way”.[/efn_note].

The male lead of this book, the young master of the wealthy Mo family who dominated her at every step and exploited her throughout her life—

Turned out to be the poor student Fang Zhou she looked down upon in high school.

Reborn to the second year of high school with memories of her past life, Mo Yu vowed to retaliate. Not only would she show no mercy to Fang Zhou, but she would also defeat him in the only aspect he could rely on at that time—his academic achievements. She planned to seduce him, sleep with him, and destroy his pride.

She wanted to prevent him from reunited with his birth family the Mo Family, humiliate and bully him, and turn him into a needy woman’s boy toy.

But when she was about to shake him off that day, this dog unexpectedly pressed her down… Did he force her?

Mo Yu, with a disdainful look, tossed the heavy cond*m aside and took off his mouth gag, “Did I let you cum?”

Fang Zhou, still sitting on the ground, shirt disheveled, his eyes slightly unfocused, apologized to her in a hoarse voice, “Sorry… you squeezed too tightly just now.”

Mo Yu glared at him, too lazy to say more, and walked away.

But just as she took a few steps, she was suddenly pressed against the wall by a strong force from behind.

“What are you doing?!”

Mo Yu turned in amazement, only to see that Fang Zhou had untied the rope behind her back at some point. He held her waist, forcing her to arch her back.

As the skirt was lifted up, a hot hard object penetrated without any hindrance.

“Ah! Fang Zhou, you…”

Fang Zhou filled her wet and soft core, forcefully pushing the hard object to the deepest part. Despite the forceful lower body movements, he gently kissed her cheek and locked gazes with her with those dark and eerie eyes.

“Mo Yu, wife, little sister…”

Mo Yu was horrified, thinking the plan had failed, and she was undoubtedly dead. Unexpectedly, warm liquid fell down her neck.

He leaned against her from behind, begging in the next sentence:

“Don’t go find someone else… I beg you.”

Mo Yu didn’t know how this well-behaved, restrained, humble dog had succumbed so early nor did she know that he had sold his life to the devil in exchange for light.

1v1 both virg*ns/female taming male (non-SM, emotional taming, the heroine gets f*cked)/really fragrant crematorium/unconventional campus/unreliable business war, probably just two smart geniuses playing tricks on each other in business.

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