The rich second generation villain, the school beauty wants to kill me at the beginning!

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Story of: The rich second generation villain, the school beauty wants to kill me at the beginning!

Alias ​​of this book: [The Rise of the Yan Kingdom, the One Who Possessed the Martial Spirit of the Emperor of Heaven] I rule the world] [Destined villain, plunder all the masters Corner of opportunity】… … Situ Xin, an intelligent and evil boss, traveled through time, but unlike others who traveled through time and became the children of destiny, he became the villain in a book, a rich second-generation dog-licker! In the original work, the villain’s father is one of the five great masters of the Yan Kingdom, and his mother is also the eldest daughter of the Ming family, an ancient clan passed down from the Shang Dynasty. Therefore, Situ Xin can naturally be called one of the most powerful rich second generations in the Yan Kingdom! He even awakened the martial spirit of the ancient God Emperor Heavenly Emperor. Possessing the blood of the God Emperor, his talent is unparalleled to the extreme… ! Peking University campus beauty Jing was Situ Xin’s fiancée because of a dream. The two were originally well-matched and could eventually be together. But in the original work, Situ Xin didn’t understand love, and he just liked to be a licking dog. He was cuckolded by Jing Yinmeng and the male protagonist, and used his parents as a stepping stone for the male protagonist, and he himself was killed. Facing this life of a dog, Situ Xin couldn’t bear it anymore. With such an incredible and perfect start, an invincible background, incredible talent, and a school beauty fiancée, he was actually played into such a pain in the ass. As soon as he was reborn, Jing Yinmeng gave him instructions and asked Situ Xin to let go of a pretty boy who was pursuing her, otherwise Jing Yinmeng would kill him. “Obviously you are my fiancée, but now you are threatening me for another man. Threaten me and want to kill me. ” “Jing Yinmeng, you! You are not qualified to be my woman! Tomorrow I ordered the people below to come to the door to break the engagement. ” “I don’t want to be a licker! ” “Roll!

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