The Real Daughter’s Husband is a Top-Notch Boss

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Ruan Su was the true daughter of a wealthy family who was mistakenly taken away, but when she returned to her biological parents, she was forced to marry a comatose man as a replacement for the fake daughter.

The fake daughter was reincarnated and learned that in her past life, Ji Mingchong never woke up from his coma, and soon after, the Ji family would go bankrupt. So she schemed to push the engagement with the Ji family to Ruan Su.

She waited for Ruan Su to be tormented by the wicked mother-in-law, but instead they became as close as mother and daughter. She waited for Ruan Su to live as a widow for the rest of her life, but Ji Mingchong woke up. She waited for Ruan Su to struggle in poverty, but Ji Mingchong rose from being a nobody to a respected and powerful figure.

What went wrong?!


No one knew that during the five years that Ji Mingchong was in a coma after a car accident, he had traveled through countless worlds, fighting in a cruel apocalyptic world and rising to power in a strict ancient society. He had honed his skills and retired to his original world, only to be told that he had a wife.

At first, his mother said, “Susu is a good girl. You should treat her well.”

He said, “We haven’t registered our marriage, I can treat her like a sister.”

Later, his mother said, “Your friend seems to be a good match for Susu. What do you think…?”

Ruan Su initially married Ji Mingchong to repay a debt of gratitude, but as he became more powerful, she felt it was time to leave.

But one night, he found her, grabbed her and wouldn’t let go, his voice hoarse and desperate: “…don’t leave me.”

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