The Real Daughter Was Cheated by General Lu


Shi Han was lost when she was a child and she returned to her biological family when she was fifteen, she found they already had another adopted daughter who was loved so much, and she was faced by her indifferent her parents and elder brothers.

It wasn’t until a car accident that she was given up by her biological mother that the seventeen-year-old Shi Han finally realized it.

“Isn’t it nice to live alone? Why do you need parents and brothers?”

She leaves the house and returns two years later with her plans in mind.

Shi Han stopped pleasing her biological parents, developed her own career, and raised a little wolf dog.

The little wolf dog is young and handsome, with a slender waist and long legs. He is good at washing and cooking, and she couldn’t be more satisfied.

Shi Han’s love life gave her double happiness. Soon her vests keep falling off – a brilliant violinist, a medical practitioner boss and her parents start regretting and beg for forgiveness.

Shi Han laughed, “Heh~”

She thought she was the one who was pretending until Shi Han saw the CEO Lu Yan who could easily influence the international economy.

Not only does she look exactly like her little wolf dog husband, but even the name is exactly the same.

“Who is this?” Shi Han pointed to the cold-faced man in a suit in the photo.

“He does look a little like me.” Lu Yan didn’t change his face.


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