The Queen’s Gigolo


Synopsis 1:

It is said on the Internet that women are like wolves in their thirties and tigers in their forties. Men, on the other hand, go downhill after their thirties.

That is why, a young man paired with an older woman is the perfect combination.

Guo Zhi, woman, 28 years old, has a car and a house.

Alex, man, 20 years old, has no fixed place to live.

What Alex worries about is how he can rely on Guo Zhi for all his life.

Synopsis 2:

Guo Zhi: Damn it! All blind date partners are weirdos! I would rather go back to the photo studio to look at the abs from the little fresh meat.

Alex: Hm? This lady’s gaze while looking at me seems a little… ravenous?

Guo Zhi: Change the manager, change the project, change the photographer!

Alex: I’ll listen to you! To everything you say!

Guo Zhi: Hey, hey, I’m too tired already today.

Alex: You just need to lie down and enjoy.

Serious and strong mighty sister VS Little pitiful guy who no one wants

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