The Queen of Villains


Emily only realized this after receiving a proposal from the mafia boss.

The fact that she is a one-line extra who dies after giving birth to the male lead.

As a result, her husband turns crazy and becomes a villain, and the male lead grows up unhappy.

But she has no intention of dying young.

Beauty! Property! Position! Why give up a perfect life with a powerful mafia boss as a husband?

While thinking about how to live a long life, Emily decides to avoid sleeping with her husband.

But the problem is that her husband is too attractive to avoid, and the mafia family that is now her family is also lovely.


“Where are you going?

“To take that man’s eyeballs out.”


“He glanced down at your back.”

The eyes of her husband, Kylian, who spoke those words, flashed with anger like an active volcano.

I don’t know because it wasn’t mentioned in the original, but was this man always so obsessed with his wife?

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