The program team lost contact, and the desert island live broadcast reversed the character design

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Su Zhe traveled back to the body of a young guy who was asked by the entire network to “get out of the entertainment industry”. He was forced by the contract to participate in a desert island survival show, and acted as a negative character to contrast the new top celebrities.

But as soon as they arrived on the desert island, they encountered a rare storm and the program team lost contact. They can only work hard to survive on the desert island and expose their true nature, but they don’t know that the cameras arranged in advance by the program team have already broadcast everything live——

[Young boy]’s top guy smokes and drinks, [Elegant and easy-going] the actor is sinister and greasy, [Honest guy] likes to stab people in the back, [National first love] is actually a little girl…

The whole network exclaimed, are all the entertainment industry characters fake?

Only Su Zhe can activate the character system, and as long as he creates a positive character, he will be rewarded and show his abilities, character and grievances in front of countless audiences, making the whole network burst into tears:

“I’m sorry, we misunderstood you! I will never blackmail you again! ”

At the same time, there are rewards for exposing other people’s false personas. Su Zhe is determined to rectify the entertainment industry, expose the hypocritical masks of certain celebrities, and bring clarity to the industry.

The bad artists were trembling: “Don’t come over! ”

Also known as “Real Idol”, “Xiao Xianrou Cleans Up the Entertainment Circle” and “Let you create a character, are you serious? ” ” “Start the road to the top by surviving in the wilderness” “I really didn’t mean to let you collapse your house”.

It’s not brainless, the text has an explanation. Desert Island is just the beginning, and there will be other live variety shows in the future. This is an entertainment article, a traffic start, with singers in the early stage and actors in the later stage, not a wilderness article!

Please read a few chapters before deciding. You may like it, you may not like it, but it is non-toxic and harmless. Thank you, Yukun.

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