The Path of the Cannon Fodder’s Counterattack

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Ling Xiao was secretly in love with a girl named Mo Qi; because of an accident, they both crossed into the ancient times.

Mo Qi who was preinstalled with the Mary Sue halo, in these ancient times, walked to the summit with a golden finger.

However, Ling Xiao continued to be exploited by Mo Qi.

After he no longer had any values to exploit, he soon became a pitiful cannon fodder.

The heavens decided to take pity on Ling Xiao.

And gave Ling Xiao an opportunity for rebirth.

After rebirth, he vowed that all his enemies would repay him with a debt of blood!

However, why have all these enemies of his, fallen into the mode of cutting their heads open?

“Hey, are you really that unremarkable person who used to follow behind Mo Qi?”

“So this dance was originally danced by you, sigh……”

“You are obviously a man, yet you move me so much.”

“Enough! Since you have taken the initiative to provoke me, then you must concentrate on me!”

Ling Xiao expressed: If you want to counterattack, then counterattack. As long as your golden finger is bigger than Mo Qi’s.

But how did Mo Qi’s Mary Sue halo end up in his body! He is still a straight man who likes beauties! He definitely, definitely doesn’t want to turn bent!

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