The Paranoid Protagonist Can’t Get Enough of Me [Novel Transmigration]

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Xia Zhinian transmigrated into a book.

The original owner was a disgusting cannon fodder villain who was determined to compete with the protagonist shou Yan Ci for the protagonist gong, but ended up in a car accident and died.

Other people who transmigrated into books wanted to change their fate, but he, Young Master Xia, was different. He only wanted to follow the plot and go back.

Xia Zhinian tried to mention the protagonist gong to anger Yan Ci, hoping to get beaten up according to the original text, but Yan Ci only grabbed his wrist and tied a gold chain with a long tail on it. His eyes were cold and indifferent.

“You’re always talking about that Chu guy. Do you like him that much?”

He changed the subject and asked him, “What color of bracelet do you like, Nian Nian? Gold, silver, or black?”

Xia Zhinian: “???”

…Are you okay?

Later he found out that Yan Ci had a severe cleanliness obsession, but also a serious skin hunger syndrome. He would suffer from unbearable pain every time he had an attack, but he never went to find the protagonist gong for help.

Instead, he hugged him and rubbed and squeezed him.

He also shifted his attention that should have been on the protagonist gong to him?!

This shouldn’t be happening. The plot wasn’t supposed to go like this!

Xia Zhinian was worried. He wanted to go back to his original world. He endured until the end, but he couldn’t wait for the final meal.

So he planned a car accident for himself.

He closed his eyes happily and opened them again, only to see a cold and gloomy face.

In a room with closed doors and windows, Xia Zhinian lay on the bed trying to struggle, but found that his body was sore and numb. Footsteps sounded, someone stepped closer and closer to the bed, casting a large shadow.

Yan Ci looked down at him from above, stroking the young man’s white wrist with a black bracelet on it. His tone was gentle but terrifying.

“Nian Nian deliberately had a car accident. Did you want to escape from me?”

Xia Zhinian: “?!?!!”

Xia Zhinian tried to show a cute smile, “Brother I was wrong, let’s talk it over, please let go of me mmm–!!”

His mouth was blocked, his hair stood on end, his fingers slid over his neck, and his voice was cold and gentle in his ear.

“Be good, I don’t accept verbal apologies.”

Seemingly obedient shou x seemingly gentle possessive obsessive gong.

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