The NPC Was Once Again Frightened By Me

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#I’m just a normal person, living a normal life inside this unlimited flow, but somehow I’m still always frightening ghosts.#

Lin Huai considered himself to be a perfectly ordinary university student; he loved studying science and living life, and just like any other perfectly ordinary person he loved living people and he used novels and tv dramas to cope with his lack of common sense.

Yes, apart from having been a well dwelling revenant who devoured an entire city full of ghosts and then possessed a student’s corpse, Lin Huai was absolutely perfectly ordinary.

At the moment his only concern is living a peaceful life. And occasionally mending his skull.

That was until he discovered the apartment he’d been planning on renting was declared uninhabitable. The note on the foyer table read: “There is a ghost amongst you people. If you catch this ghost all of you may survive.”

Lin Huai: ? I really only wanted to rent a room…

“Don’t worry, newbie.” A hand rested on Lin Huai’s weak, pitiful and helpless shoulder, “I’ll protect you.”

Lin Huai nodded his head, touched.

And then that man, whose name was Chu Tianshu, gave Lin Huai a refreshing smile.

“I’ll come quickly and hammer that ghost!”

Lin Huai: (slight smile) …I’ll have to hammer you first though, okay?

Some time later, Lin Huai was dutifully dragging a wraith that was screaming and struggling to escape which made it hard work for him to knock on the door with his shoulder.

“Help! Help! It’s trying to get away! Wait… I can’t get away!”


Lin Huai always believed that kindness and enthusiasm were enough to thaw the coldest of hearts.

He was strictly egalitarian, regardless of whether one was human or ghost. He would split his mouth open and greet his fellow ghost NPCs. He would shake the bloody hand under the bed and enthusiastically dug out the buried ghost, freeing it. He would share the cause of death with the pen fairy…

So why did those NPCs seem to be fearing him more and more?

Lin Huai: It’s quite difficult being a kind and decent person.

*CP Little Theatre

(Before dating)

Lin Huai: (behind the door) when lao zi was still a ghost, the ghosts I looked down upon the most were the commoners and peasants, like you. The methods you use to scare people are ones I grew bored with long ago, understand? I’ll teach you a more powerful method…

Chu Tianshu: “Hold on Lin Huai! I’m coming to save you!”

Lin Huai: (turns around) whimpering through crocodile tears, it scared me to death! That ghost’s trying to kill me! Help!

Chu Tianshu: … did your head just turn 180o?

Lin Huai: (realigning his skull with both hands) You saw wrong.

(After dating)

Lin Huai: (turns around) What do you want for Christmas?

Chu Tianshu: You

Lin Huai: Oh, then I’ll buy two boxes.

Chu Tianshu: ?? What are you going to do buying two boxes??

Chu Tianshu: ?? What are you buying the second box for?

Lin Huai: For you. What you want doesn’t look like it’d fit in one box, right?”

Chu Tianshu: ?? What!? Don’t do that!

Lin Huai: I’m just joking, hehe

s*upidly cute, scornful, hidden deeply,carefree cheeky gong x evil chaotic, arbitrary, occasionally pretending to be obedient cheerful little crazy shou

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