The most reckless man in the Ming Dynasty

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The reckless man Tang Hao has been very irritable recently.

He was tricked by a monk into taking a powerful pill, and when he woke up, he was in the wilderness.

In the end, in order to get a bite to eat, he also rescued a middle school boy who claimed to be the emperor.

Until the middle school boy took him home, well, his home was the majestic Forbidden City!

Tang Hao immediately panicked.

Then the second boy in the middle school is really the Ming Dynasty Emperor?

Daliwan is powerful and can increase your strength every day.

Tang Hao was forced to become Tang He, the Duke of Xinguo, by some mistake!

So there was an arrogant and domineering man named Tang Ritian in the Zhengde court!

Ah, yes, yes!

I, Tang Hao, do not respect etiquette and law, and am like a barbarian!

Ah, yes, yes!

I, Tang Hao, am arrogant, domineering and lawless!

Ah, yes, yes!

I, Tang Hao, deceived you and deceived the saints!

Tang Hao looked at the civil and military officials of the Manchu Dynasty who were impeaching him, and just calmly waved his fist.

No matter what civil and military factionalism you have, no matter what etiquette, laws and ancestral systems you have, I, Tang Ritian, will break them all!

In short… mang is done!

This is a song about two passionate young people joining hands to fight against the torrent of history and try to save the Ming Dynasty.

Face history squarely, respect history, revere history, until… fight against history!

Tang Ritian: “What is our slogan? ”

Zhu Houzhao: “Make the Ming Dynasty… great again! ! (Broken sound~) ”

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