The most powerful person in the internet’s darkest circles became famous for her scientific research

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Shen Liangzhi, No. 1 In scientific research, was reincarnated into a popular actress on the Internet and participated in a scientific research variety show.

On the day of the finals, the special judge’s seat was the disciple and grandson of her apprentice.

Disciple and disciple: I knelt down to the big devil at that time.


I heard that the Big Devil retired from the circle and opened a bar. Gods and gods from all walks of life flocked there, and the discotheque became a large-scale team-building scene in the scientific research circle.

The director of the institute, who was over fifty years old, waved her hands awkwardly and showed off to her colleagues: She had guided my thesis back then.

Doesn’t it hurt, brother? Her brother, who was as cold as an immortal, once refused to enter the laboratory for her sake.

Being kicked out of a wealthy family? The system gave her hundreds of billions of assets backhand.

No power or influence? Behind her is the entire scientific research circle.


What is it like to legally have three husbands at the same time?

Shen Liangzhi said: In the Shura field, even if a dog comes, he will be slapped twice.

The cool and dignified prince from Beijing: Do you like the villa diamond? Do you like sports car bags? Does the person giving the gift like it?

Beautiful but poor vixen: He only knows how to buy and buy, unlike me, he also feels sorry for his sister~

The paranoid Bai Qihei with low self-esteem: Zhi Zhi, if you dislike me for being sick, you can love others, I don’t mind.

Load the bullet with your backhand.

[High IQ female protagonist vs. Multi-personality male protagonist]

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