The Male Lead Ran Away With My Ball

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Shen Tanqi transmigrated into a cannon fodder senior brother in a cultivation novel. Out of jealousy for the male lead’s good fortune in the original story, he constantly obstructed him everywhere, only to meet a bitter end stabbed to death by the hands of the male lead at the foot of the Bloodthirst Cliff.

Only by completing the plot could he return to modern times.

When Shen Tanqi transmigrated into the book, the male lead happened to be out traveling, leaving Shen Tanqi to revel in his ‘salted fish’ life without both the male lead and any mission.

However, fate played a trick on him. While picking a spiritual herb, Shen Tanqi fell off the Bloodthirst Cliff, got poisoned by a strange venom, and was forced to have s*x with a mysterious masked demon cultivator, repeatedly.

From that day on, Shen Tanqi was shocked to find that his belly was growing day by day.

Everyone said transmigration carries risks, but no one told him that men could also give birth to children!

After ten months of pregnancy, Shen Tanqi laid an egg at the bottom of the cliff.

Yes, an egg.

On the day of the birth, the demon cultivator, who had been cultivating at the bottom of the cliff, carried his egg away and said indifferently, “You can’t raise it; I will.”

Shen Tanqi: …Alright, good brother, I’ll leave it to you.

Coincidentally, he had no desire to raise a child, which suited him perfectly.

With that, Shen Tanqi left gracefully. Three years passed, and just when he was one plot away from returning to his modern world, he happily invited the beautiful junior brother he had long admired for a chat over drinks to have a heart-to-heart talk.

But just as he was about to bring the junior brother into his room, slightly drunk and hazy, someone kicked the door wide open, catching him in the act. The intruder’s eyes were bloodshot, holding hands with two adorable three-year-old kids, sporting a pair of dragon horns on their heads.

“Shen Tanqi, you’ve really been quite the player these years, huh?”

“Where have you put me and the kids?”

Shen Tanqi: Who are you?

From the side, the junior brother exclaimed, “Senior Brother Yu Ce! You’re back from your journey!”

Sounds familiar.

Yu Ce.

Yu Ce is…

Isn’t he the male lead of this book!

#What should I do if the male lead, who raised two kids for me, catches me hitting on someone?#

#Does getting stabbed with a sword hurt?#

#Can I still run away now? QAQ#

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