The lucky wife of a peasant is not easy to mess with, so she can earn her life by marrying her husba

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Chen Xichun found that she had traveled through time and became Chen Xichun, a small village girl in an ancient village. She was still a poor person who married after her father died.

Without a grain of rice, the thatched house where even rats would have to flee overnight was her new home.

Forget it, but as soon as I opened the door, someone broke a basin of dirty water.

The old woman accused her of having an affair with her stepbrother and said all kinds of dirty things.

Her mother is also a weak person who can be bullied. Ever since she got married, she has lost her backbone. She lets everything go as she wants, and only wants to be her stepfather’s caring little wife.

Chen Xichun is not a little white flower who can be manipulated by others, and reading crazy literature is not free. As long as I am crazy enough, no one dares to do anything to me!

Sell ​​medicinal materials, grow vegetables, set up stalls, open shops, engage in tourism, hold prescriptions in hand, and kick the best. It’s my turn to be rich and wealthy, right?

Wait, what’s going on with you little husband? Why are you looking at me like this? If you look at me again, I’ll make you my son-in-law and earn a fortune for my aunt!

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