The Little Follower Dressed Up As The Villain’s Partner

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In every grassroot counterattack novel, there will always be a man who looks at

the grassroots A male villain who is disliked by the main character.

They are often good-looking, well-born, and still a rich second generation, but they just want to have trouble with the male protagonist, suppress, frame, and frame him, and provide one-stop service to the end, vowing not to give up until they commit su*cide.

The whole thing burned itself and illuminated the male protagonist.

Unfortunately, Jiang Qingzhou is transmigrated in this kind of grassroots counterattack novel, and what he transmigrated in was neither the male protagonist nor the supporting villain. But he trasnmigrated into one of the male villain, Huo Jinyu’s little followers.

Jiang Qingzhou: Cherish your life and stay away from the male villain.

On the university campus, on the second day of school, the heroine Song Yan, the campus goddess, praised the hero for studying hard.

Male villain: Even that poor guy got Yan Yan’s praise. Xiao Jiang, go find someone to teach him a lesson.

Jiang Qingzhou: I have to work part-time to save money for the down payment.

Villain supporting actor: Just go if you are told! What kind of job do you have? If you want a house, I will give you one tomorrow.

Jiang Qingzhou: Okay, classmate Huo. I’ll do it, hesitating for a second longer is disrespectful to the house.

Later, the male protagonist went for an internship during the summer vacation, and the company he interned at happened to be the female protagonist’s company.

The male villain also entered the heroine’s company through the back door, and took him in as well.

One day, the male villain saw the female protagonist giving the male protagonist a lunch box made by herself.

The male villain: Is Yan Yan blind? You even cooked for that poor man. Xiaojiang, go and throw away the lunch box.

Jiang Qingzhou: If someone is caught stealing something, it will be recorded on my resume. It will be difficult for me to find a job after graduation.

The male villain: What kind of job are you looking for? After graduation, go directly to my company and I will find you the simplest job with a monthly income of 100,000. Now! immediately! immediately! Let that lunch box disappear from the face of the earth.

Jiang Qingzhou: …

Later, before graduating from college, Jiang Qingzhou saw that he was young and relaxed and already had three properties, several luxury cars, and various brand-name high-end clothes and watches under his name.

What kind of villain male partner is there? Which villain is like this? This is obviously a money-spreading boy, my ancestor.

The male villain: Who is your ancestor? Call me husband. No, this is the sea view villa you took a second look at two days ago, and I bought it for you.

Jiang Qingzhou: Husband, you are so kind!

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