The Kind Death God


Growing up in a thief’s den, Ah Dai remained innocent and kind. During one of his thieving runs, he was caught by a powerful alchemist, Ge Li Si, who took him along for his own reasons. Ah Dai’s life was forever changed.

Fate lead him to save the number one assassin from the Continent. In order to bring about his revenge, the King of Assassins forcefully brought Ah Dai to a secluded town, and passed on his life’s learnings to him. Following an assassin, will Ah Dai become a demon?

Blood sun high in the heavens,

Evil will be born.

Blood rain across the world,

Calamity shall come.

Thousand-year destruction to befall the Continent,

Who is the Savior?

The melding of Kindness and Evil,

The fusing of Light and Dark.

With the Phoenix’s Blood as guide,

Pass all obstacles.

With the Dragon’s Blood as bond,

Love through eternity.

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