The heroine in a period novel became a group favorite after being read her mind

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Lin Xiangrong traveled through the book and became the cannon fodder female supporting character in the 80s farming novel. She was in a family that was extremely patriarchal, with two elders being partial to each other, and sisters-in-law being in conflict. They were in a state of constant chaos all day long. She became the control group of the female protagonist in the original book, and the whole family suffered a miserable death.

Reading a book feels good for a while, but wearing a book will kill you! Lin Xiangrong sighed as if she was dying. Unexpectedly, her whole family could hear her voice!

[Mom is the gentlest mother in the world, I just wish she had always been my mother]

Mother: “? ? ”

I, I, I broke his legs, who dares to send my precious daughter as a child bride!

[My uncle was so miserable. Originally, his leg was just a broken bone. He could just go to the village health center, but my grandma had to go to the town health center, and her leg ended up lame. ]

Grandma: “? ? ”

Send, send, send to the village health center immediately! Listen to your precious granddaughter!

[Auntie, if you don’t go, Big Rich Brother will drown]

Auntie: “? ? ”

Go, go, go now, kiss my dear niece, save my son!


The villagers were surprised that the Lin family was not the most patriarchal, and even said that they wanted to drown this baby girl. Why did they not see this girl for a few days? She was so horny that she couldn’t even touch her! How come the Lin family is neither noisy nor noisy, and life is getting better and better. They eat white noodles today, meat tomorrow, and wear new clothes the day after tomorrow? !

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