The hero of the apocalypse, what happened to the billions of goddesses beside me?

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Story of: The hero of the apocalypse, what happened to the billions of goddesses beside me?

[Zombies + Superpowers + System + Space + Not the Holy Mother + Decisive Killing + Sign-in + Protagonist Warlord + Struggle for Hegemony + Multiple Female Protagonists] (The female protagonist appears in Chapter 10. The further back, the more female protagonists appear. Don’t like it if you don’t like it. Enter) The heavens merge, and the zombie world first descends. The will of the world spreads the original power, giving humans a chance to awaken supernatural powers, except for Liu Yu who came through time and space. But he said not to panic. I have a golden finger and can get various benefits: [Peach Blossom Divine Body]: Unparalleled charm, and you can get huge benefits from competing with beautiful women! [Supreme Chaos Body]: Can plunder and devour all talents, physiques, bloodlines, and abilities, evolve all ways, and destroy all laws! [Soft Rice King System]: It was originally the standard configuration of the protagonist, but now I have cut it off! [Super Base Vehicle]: The crystallization of science and technology, use it to summon loyal soldiers, form an interstellar army, and create a powerful force… From then on, Liu Yu dominated one side and became the emperor in the last days. He resumed production and conquered without surrender. He was in control of life and death, and he was at the top. Overlooking the world, you can enjoy all the prosperity and beauty and be surrounded by all the wonderful things… . Originally, the weak world came first, and the powerful world came later. However, as the heavens and worlds continued to merge, the saints and witches in the magic world, the fairies in the world of cultivation, the female pope in the world of martial arts, and the female leader in the world of immortality… , the female head of state of the Wizarding World, the Queen of the Fantasy World, the Queen of the Sovereign World, the Goddess of the Gods World, the Empress of the Immortal World… None of them expected that there is an extremely powerful extraordinary country here!

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