The Great Desolation: The Strongest Man Who Came Out of Hongmeng


Hongmeng shatters, chaos evolves.
In order to rebuild Hongmeng, Dao Cang carried the treasure of Hongmeng, walked out of the broken Hongmeng, and wandered in the endless time and space of chaos.
Kill the Chaos Demon God at the start!
In the long and wild, heaven and earth are the chessboard, and all living beings are the chess pieces.
The method of creating the nine tribulations of heaven and earth, binding the prehistoric, manipulating the amount of calamities, and evolving the prehistoric world
A sword spirit* that he casually transformed has become a peerless Great Sword Sovereign!
He gave a ray of chaotic taiyin of good fortune, and became the unparalleled female emperor of divine might!
A fortune-telling green lotus he rescued, created a lotus in the eternal blue sky, and became the supreme green emperor!
Dao Cang’s plan is for eternity, and after nine calamities, he will prove the position of Dao Dao Zun.
Hongmeng is recreated, the eternal Hongmeng God Realm reappears, I am Taicang Dao Zun!

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