The fourth master of the Qing Dynasty escaped from his concubine

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The writer Qian Lanlan wanted to write a time-travel novel on a whim. That night she was thinking and writing and finally fell asleep. The moment she opened her eyes, the world in front of her went back hundreds of years – time travel!

In the death of good sister Bai Yu’er, the murderers surfaced one by one: first, the maid Cai Cai strangled her to death, and then it was discovered that Nian was the instigator: ① Cai Cai committed the murder, ② Xiao Liuzi tied Bai Yu’er and her cat to stones He lived in the mud of the lotus pond to feed the fish, and then fed the fattened fish to people. Such a feisty and poisonous woman is the Fourth Master’s favorite child. In a society governed by human beings, not only is Lanlan unable to bring Nian to justice to avenge his good sisters, but he also commits himself to the real mastermind behind the scenes, the Fourth Master – Nian Geng. Yao did not fall, and Nian could not be killed.

How did Fourth Master kill Bai Yu’er? Because that wild cat later rotted into that cat, and her sharp claws became the sharp blade that the fourth master used to penetrate into the center of imperial power.

In this life, Lanlan was an out-and-out runaway concubine. The struggle in the back house was too terrifying, so she fled to the even more terrifying struggle for imperial power. The Nian family was too terrifying, so she fled to the even more terrifying Fourth Master.

No matter how you run, you can’t escape the ruthless Fourth Master’s evil hands. In the three underground villages of Fayan Temple, Lanlan set up a gambling game and wanted to take over the three villages. The prince set up a game and wanted to extinguish the wealth of the three villages. However, the fourth master was alone, drinking the bitter wine sent by the prince. Tea, secretly asked people to empty the coffers of Sanzhuang, and successfully accepted Lanlan, the god of gambling.

A runaway concubine fell into the hands of a despicable prince. What if I say this is just a scam?

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