The female partner leads the whole sect through farming

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Long Panxi immersed herself in a fairy tale. In the original book, her father was a half-step into immortality, and her mother was half-step into a god, but they were both dead. She had a rich family fortune and left it behind, and ended up miserable.

Long Panxi came through the book and hadn’t gone to Tianyan Sect yet. She didn’t want to send the treasure to death.

She owns the Xiyue Sect. She first established the sect and farmed, surviving the time of Yuan Shu’s death.

Scientific farming, industrial alchemy, commercial wine making…

One day when I came out of the sect, I heard that the original male protagonist and the original female protagonist had teamed up to kill the great demon who transformed into a god. Long Panxi was so frightened that she hurriedly ran away. She couldn’t afford to offend him, so she first found a place to break through and transform into a god.

Tianyan Sect is the largest sect in the righteous way, and there are many powerful ones. Long Panxi should continue to be patient, she loves farming the most.


He hoped to be able to overcome the tribulation, but was plotted against him. When Xiyue Sect was about to disappear, he did not expect that the young sect leader would not go to Tianyan Sect. He decided to live in Xiyue Sect first, and later settle accounts with Tianyan Sect. The lord takes revenge!

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